Free Condom SamplesWelcome to Free Condom Samples! We are a resource and tip site for helping you find free condoms and condom samples. It is important to understand that free is not always better, however we have been seeing the most of the samples have been major brands.

Here are couple to things to consider when looking for free samples:

  • Manufactured with an advanced latex formula
  • Premium lubricated for gliding comfort
  • Reservoir tip for additional protection
  • Triple tested for safety and reliability, against herpes, AIDs, and other STDs.
  • Expired is not always bad, especially if it is within a year. FDA requirements have an expiration for added safety, expired condoms can still be highly effective if they were store properly.

Major Condom Brand Samples

Trojan – They use to offer a free sample online, but it looks like that is not available.
LifeStyles – Offered samples at events and concerts in Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando and other areas.
One Condoms – Free outreach items to more than 3500 outreach organizations in North America.

Where can I get free samples?

The best place to get free samples is at medical and health clinics, health fairs, pregnancy centers, college and university medical centers, and events promoting safe sex and avoiding unplanned pregnancy.

Where to start? If I were you, I would find the local health department location and start there. The good thing about these locations is that they give you more than just 1, the last time I went there was about 20 in the bag. Don’t be scared, just go up to the desk and ask for the free condoms.

Trojan Fee Condom sampleCan I find free condom samples online?

I would avoid this, most sites require you to either sign up or promote something. Big waste of time if you ask me. At the current time Trojan, Durex, or Lifestyles have not offered free samples from their web. But with the popularity of twitter, facebook, etc.. we might see them do promotions in the future. Keep checking back at FreeCondomSamples.net


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