Free Condoms

Free CondomsLooking for free condoms?

Well make sure to follow some of the instructions regarding health departments and clinics on the front page of free condom samples.

You may also find out promotion deals and freebies online, most of these will however require some short of shipping and handling cost.  It is important to look at a few different places to price out your price per condom. For instance if one place is giving out 10 free condoms for $5.00, then you are actually paying $0.50 per condom. Then say you find a store that has 12 condoms for say $3.99 with free shipping, you are paying less than $0.34 per condom.

Ignore the sites that require you sign up, refer friends, fill out survey, or some other bs to get free condoms. You probably won’t qualify and they probably won’t end even sending them.

Look at the major brand sites for free samples. Trojan and Durex use to offer free condoms on their website, but they no longer do.

Keep checking back here as we will share coupons, freebies, and more information for you quest for free condoms.

Also don’t forget to share you experiences bye posting a comment below, your information or tips may help others.

The two most common free condoms we have seen are the Durex Enhanced Pleasure and Trojan Ultra Ribbed.

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